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Large Format

Large Format

We offer a wide range of printing services to meet all your needs. Whether you need banners, posters, decals, or boards, we have the technology and expertise to deliver. One of our most popular printing methods is our UV flatbed printing, which uses ultraviolet light to cure ink onto a wide variety of materials, including foam board, PVC, acrylic, and even metal. This technology is perfect for creating stunning, durable prints that are resistant to fading, scratching, and water damage. Our UV flatbed printer is also capable of printing on uneven or curved surfaces, giving you more flexibility in your design options.

In addition to UV printing, we also have Roland VG printers, which are renowned for their versatility, speed, and accuracy. These printers use eco-solvent ink to produce vibrant colours and sharp details, making them ideal for printing on vinyl, fabric, and other flexible materials. With our Roland VG printers, you can create everything from indoor/outdoor banners to trade show displays, vehicle graphics, and more.

For those who demand the best in colour accuracy and detail, we also offer Epson large format printers. These printers use advanced Precision Core technology to deliver ultra-sharp prints with stunning colour gamut and accuracy. With resolutions up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, you can be sure that your prints will look crisp and professional.

When it comes to laser cutting, we use a state-of-the-art MAX Laser Cutter to produce precise, intricate cuts on a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, and more. Our laser cutters are ideal for creating custom shapes, signage, packaging, and more.

Finally, we have a Summa F Series cutter, which is the perfect complement to our printing services. These cutters use advanced optical sensors to ensure precise and efficient cutting of printed materials, allowing us to create intricate designs and shapes with ease.

At our large format printing department, we are committed to delivering the highest quality prints with fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you elevate your business with stunning prints!

What else we offer

The perfect choice for your larger print runs or projects that require special Pantone spot colour matchings. Lithography is the go to of most designers, and with good reason. It gives you the ability to print on a far wider variety of substrates and very few digital machines can match the superior quality of Lithography. Exceptionally economical for longer runs, with an initial setup costing more than digital printing, but costs reduce dramatically during the run. Our Heidelberg Press room will print to FOGRA certified colour standards, speak to one of our specialists to advise on your options.
CMYK with White Ink and the ability to Spot UV Varnish. With a maximum print area of 1250mm x 2500mm, and printing on anything flat up to 100mm thick. The same technology used to print laminate flooring and porcelain tiles. Perfect for all your Point of Sale (POS) and signage requirements. The possibilities are endless, Wood, Metal, Glass, PVC, Perspex. Display Quality Printing We think it’s important for your graphics to always give the best impression, no matter how they’re viewed. Knowledge and Experience All of our printers are fully color calibrated and color managed to assure accurate results every time. And our experienced production team knows color, printing, and finishing inside and out. With decades of experience in large format UV printing, we know what works and how to make it work! We Meet Your Needs We don’t just want to sell you prints – we are a part of your team and promise to work hard to help you and your goals succeed!
Otherwise referred to as Large Format and working out the same department as our UV Flatbed, our Roland VG & XR printers produce exceptional quality prints. With a maximum printing width of 1600mm, so confident we are in our machines that they run unmonitored throughout the night. For Art Canvas prints our 7 Colour XR shines, while our VG prints at the same high quality at blazing speeds. Vinyl Stickers, Window Decals, Point of Sale, Posters, Contravision and Wallpaper are just some of the many projects flawlessly completed on a daily basis.
Our investment with Konica Minolta, has seen us always leading in digital colour reproduction and with the acquisition of the 1st Accurio Press C6100 in South Africa in 2018, we have cemented our footprint as one of the top colour digital production printers in the country. Truly life like imagery, and near perfect offset quality, the machine is in a segment of its own. With a maximum sheets size of 330mm x 750mm autoduplex, once impossible digital tasks can now be accomplished quickly, cost effectively and FOGRA Colour Certified. Printing on up to 400gsm thick material, edges out most of the competition. Speak to one of our digital colour specialists to tackle your project.
In the fast-growing, digital high-volume print market, in-house printers and graphic communications providers have to focus on building up their business by producing a wider range of high-volume jobs more efficiently. For that, we need the best performance available in the market, and partnering with Konica Minolta has enabled us to continue offering an exceptional, high quality product, but more importantly at blistering speeds. Up to 15,490 A4 pages per hour can be produced at The Printing Press. Latest technologies guarantee maximum uptime and outstanding black and white print quality. Our machines have a comprehensive range of inline finishing options, to speed up productions. Your manuals, newsletters, books and other products can all be completed digitally, really helping you save money on self-publishing, and print-on-demand materials.
There are so many different coatings and laminations available, each being slightly different and offering unique textures, protection and sheen levels. From UV coatings with textures such as linen, cloth and droplet, in gloss or matt. Specialist high build spot UV to add a crisp finish when combined with matt or soft touch lamination. The combinations are endless and all result in a finish that is sure to make your product stand out. OPP Film lamination is a thin 38micron plastic film heat applied onto your printed product to protect and to add a luxurious finish. Available in SoftTouch, UltraMatt and High Gloss. We are also currently pursuing the import of the only fully bio-degradable “plastic” film, to keep improving our options to keep print sustainable and greener.
Sometimes there is just no machinery available to finish your product as per your specific request. That is not a problem, step in our finishing team. Meticulous care is taken and all finishing is done by hand by our team of specialists. Whatever it takes to make your marketing material or printed product perfect, our finishers tackle each project individually and assess the best way to complete. So many jobs have passed through our hands, and we tackle them all, no job too scary just yet. Although hand finishing can take a little time to complete, it does mean that you can be assured that each product has been finished by a professional that takes pride in their work.
Foil Stamping and Embossing add an elegance to your piece that is unmatched by other techniques. It will bring your project to life when light is reflected on it, and it is one of our most popular finishes used to create a high end finish. Embossing is to create an impression or imprint on paper or card stock in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo. It raises the surface of the finished product, creating an elegant, professional look and feel. Hot Stamp Foiling is a specialised technique where a thin metallic foil is impressed onto a document using a die. It creates elegant, eye-catching results that simply cannot be replicated using standard printing. It produces a unique effect that makes the product shine and offers a level of sophistication on your printed material. All of these finishes are available on most of the products at The Printing Press, simply add it to your enquiry to get a detailed quote.
To create a great finish on any folding job, creasing is simply the best answer. Our folding machines have built-in creasing wheels, and U channelling to prevent cracking of the fibres in paper. Even on the toughest digitally printed jobs that are very prone to cracking, we have specialist equipment to create a perfect score. With so many folding combinations available on our 8 Pocket + Knife Folder, we can effectively complete even some of the most complex folds. The final product is always in the finishing, so even a simple fold needs the attention to detail it deserves to complete your printed product.
Die-cutting is a superb way to have your marketing and printing stand out from the crowd. While your range of paper stocks, colours and finishes are varied and extensive, die-cutting offers a unique option to customise your print job and really make a statement. Die-cutting is the action of cutting a piece of paper or card to a custom shape and size. It is created by using a sharp steel rule blade which is precision formed into a specific shape, then cut through the paper. It is cut on specialist machinery and creates a crisp, smooth edge which offers a consistent and very specific cut. The options and shapes are almost limitless and the “die” is customised for the piece it is creating. Typically used for packaging, business cards, presentation folders, and speciality shapes for brochures the options are extensive depending on your project. Our products you can use die cuts on are wide ranging and it is a great way to get creative custom result. Using a die-cut will grab the attention of a potential customer. It only takes a few seconds for someone to evaluate and form an opinion of your business based on your marketing material, so looking at unique finishing options, such as die-cutting, will certainly make you and your business stand out.
Now even small businesses can have professionally printed Full-Colour Brochures and Marketing tools printed as and when required. Flyers, Business Cards, Folders and Product sheets can be printed in small cost-effective quantities in order to save you money to spend on other parts of your growing business. For the publishers our digital printing is great news, books need never become out of stock, we offer high quality perfect bound paperback books in Full Colour or Black and White on demand. This enables you to test markets, print out of stock items or bring out of stock items back to the shelves quickly. Our Production Digital Presses are built for speed and high quality. Training Manuals, Notes and Copies can be printed, stapled, punched or bound to your specific requirements. Our impressive arrays of Konica Minolta Production Presses, like the C8000 and Bizhub Pro 1051 have the ability to produce massive volumes of prints per month. Variable Data Printing while still underutilised in South Africa is a great marketing tool, call us to discuss your VDP project.

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