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  • Conference Pads

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    Regardless of whether your clientele is comprised of mainly business travelers, solo adventurers or vacationing families, keeping conference pads in the rooms is a helpful gesture. While these are predominantly used by business travelers to take notes, they also provide easy entertainment for creative kids. Anyone who is staying in your room can use a conference pad to write down ideas and memos. Not only are conference pads helpful to guests, but they can be a marketing opportunity for the hotel. The Printing Press helps hotels create conference pads with their unique hotel name and logo so everyone can enjoy the notebook and know who to thank.

  • Door Hangers

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    Door hangers are a signature item in every hotel. They are typically used to notify the housekeeping staff of whether a guest is in their room or if their room can be cleaned. However, it’s important for door hangers to have the hotel’s name and logo on them, too, for marketing purposes, which is why all hotel door hangers should be personalized, If you’re in need of customized door hangers for your hotel rooms, you’re in the right place. At the Printing Press, we can print and help design unique door hangers for your hotel. Just tell us your preferred colors, hotel details and what you’d like printed on the door hanger and we can have them to you in no time.

  • KeyCard Holders

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    When guests check into your hotel, they’ll receive one, if not two, key cards. These key cards are quite possibly the most important thing you give your guests because it provides them with access to the hotel and their rooms. But what happens if these key cards are misplaced? Every hotel has experienced this and can testify that it’s very inconvenient. The best way to avoid this problem is by using key card holders. These tiny envelopes should have your hotel’s logo and information so guests can keep track of their keys and the hotel. We can help to create professional and unique key card holders to help your hotel operations run smoothly.

  • Lugguage Tags

    There’s nothing worse than going on a trip and waiting for your luggage to to arrive at baggage claim only to realize that there are several suitcases that look just like yours! Many travelers tend to go for generic black blue or red luggage that’s similar in size and shape, which can make it nearly impossible to find which is yours. But if you have a luggage tag, this will be a problem of the past. Luggage tags should feature your contact information and be secured on the outside of your luggage. We print personalized luggage tags on high quality paper to make every travel experience be a breeze.

  • Menus

    Hotels are truly an all-in-one experience. Many have not only comfortable rooms, but restaurants, pools, lounge areas, gyms and much more, as well. If your hotel also has on-site restaurants, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they have everything they need. Menus are likely at the top of their list. The Printing Press can help design and print menus on sturdy, high-quality paper in full color or black and white. Create a unique and custom design that will leave restaurant and hotel guests alike impressed.

  • Placemats for Hotels

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    When guests arrive at your hotel, they expect to be satisfied and impressed with every little detail. If you have other on-site facilities, like gyms or restaurants, these operations should run smoothly, as well, so guests’ entire experience is praiseworthy. Even the smallest details like placemats at the restaurant should be perfect. Every hotel has its own colour scheme, logo and unique brand. That should be reflected on everything from the door hangers in the hotel rooms down to the placemats at the hotel restaurant. Work with The Printing Press to create completely custom placemats for your restaurant to show guests that you prioritise even the smallest of details.

    Our disposable placemats impress with stunning designs, elevating your dining experience effortlessly. Keep your dining environment clean and sanitary with these hassle-free options, ideal for both everyday use and special occasions.

    For enduring beauty, our laminated placemats shine. Resistant to scratches and spills, they maintain their allure through countless meals.

  • Trifold Calendars

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    Printed Full Colour One Side only
    Scored Supplied Made up.

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  • Valet Tags

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    For busy hotels, offering a valet service can make guests’ lives much easier. However, if the valet process is poorly organized, it can be chaotic. If you have a valet service, it’s important to offer valet tags, or valet tickets, to all guests who use the service. This shows proof that your guest used the valet service and can be used to help them retrieve their car; valet tags also much valets’ jobs easier. Valet tags can be hard to find, so the best option is to have them printed yourself. When you work with The Printing Press, this option also allows you to completely customize the valet tags for your specific hotel to make your guests’ experience even better.

  • Welcome Cards

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    If you strive for excellent customer service, as all hotels should, then welcome cards should be part of your guest welcome package. It’s important that your guests feel as though they are your priority. There are several ways to make your guests feel valued, one of which is through providing welcome cards in their rooms. Welcome cards typically welcome guests to the hotel and wish them a pleasant stay in a personalized way. While you may not be able to make the cards out to individual guests, you can work with The Printing Press to create custom welcome cards that feature a manager’s signature along with the hotel’s logo.

  • Wire Desktop Calendars

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