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  • A3 Wall Calendar Wirebound

    From: R230,00

    Our calendars are wire bound on the short edge. They are printed as a 14 Page booklet (12 pages + 2 covers) and come with a hanging gap to make them easier to hang on the wall. They are the perfect for gifting, home, office or Christmas and New Year.

    Download the Template

  • Booklets

    Booklets are a versatile marketing tool and can be used for a many purposes, from product catalogues and manuals to brochures and event programs. 

    They offer a professional and quality that is sure to impress your customers. Printed in full-colour, making them an excellent choice for showcasing your products and services with stunning imagery.  

    An excellent way to provide customers with valuable information that they can take away with them and refer to and offer a cost-effective way to distribute information to a wider audience. 

  • BookMarks

    From: R184,00

    If you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member who’s an avid reader, then a bookmark is the best gift you could get. However, most bookmarks you find in the stores have generic inspirational quotes or the name of bookstore on them, which isn’t always ideal. Instead of picking a bookmark out, why don’t you create one yourself? At The Printing Press, our bookmarks come in full color and are completely customizable. We can include any picture, quote or name you choose to make a bookmark that’s 100% unique. Our bookmarks are printed on 350gsm Matt Art Paper giving it a feeling of real quality.

  • Books

    Remember that feeling of holding a physical book in your hands? The sound of pages turning, the scent of ink and paper, the weight of the book in your hands, there’s nothing quite like it! 

    With the rise of e-books, we’re in danger of losing this nostalgic experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing printed books supports traditional publishing and printing industries, but you’re also experiencing the magic of holding a physical book. 

    The Printing Press is keen to get ink on paper again without having to break the bank. Order from as little as 10 books in our digital department, call us to discuss your options in taking your publication to the next phase.  

  • Business Cards

    From: R230,00

    Business cards are a powerful tool for making a lasting, positive impression and can be the foundation for a successful business or customer relationship. They are also an ideal way to reinvigorate your freelance business. Whether you hand them out to customers or include them in packages to encourage repeat business, we have made it easy with our selection of stocks, unique sizes, and stunning finishes. Combine with matt or gloss lamination for something different and creative.

    Lamination unavailable for Recycled 350gsm Paper

  • Coasters

    From: R207,00

    Coasters are one of the few items that be both a tool and a decoration. It’s customary to leave coasters out on coffee tables and side tables in your home so guests can put drinks down without damaging the furniture. But when there aren’t drinks on them, the coasters are still  there on the table. Why not make them decorative. Our coasters can be full color or black and white and can be customized in any way. Whether you want a simple design or complex picture on your coasters, we’re here to help.

  • Estate Agent Boards

    From: R529,00

    Elevate your property listings to new heights with the ultimate signage solution. This top-of-the-line board is designed to catch eyes, draw attention, and leave a lasting impact on potential buyers.

    Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our estate agent board ensures your branding stays intact, no matter the elements. Installation is a breeze, saving you time and effort while maximizing your property’s exposure.

    Many successful real estate agents already rely on our boards to elevate their marketing game, and now you can too. Don’t miss this chance to seize more leads, increase property visibility, and close deals with ease.

  • Floor Decals

    From: R1219,00

    Who said that wallpaper was the only way to decorate? Floor graphics are growing in popularity as a simple and effective way to both decorate a business and market the brand. Whether your company has a big sale coming up, new products in stock or you just want to add some extra decor, floor graphics can be the answer. Floor graphics are completely customisable and at The Printing Press, we can help you both design and print them in a variety of sizes. Full color floor graphics can make your store stand out amongst the rest. Be unique- decorate with some custom floor graphics.

  • Flyers

    From: R230,00

    Whether you’re looking to promote your new restaurant or yoga class, business flyers and leaflets are an excellent way to get your message out there. We offer a wide selection of products in different styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Stand out from the competition and ensure your brand messaging is communicated effectively.

  • Folded Brochures

    From: R575,00

    Have you ever come across a potential client and wanted to introduce them to your company without overwhelming them with information? Flyers and A4 brochures are great marketing tools when you want to provide a substantial amount of information, but what do you do if you just want to offer a summary of your company’s mission? The answer is easy: Brochures.


  • Header Cards

    From: R1127,00

    Every retail business needs unique header cards. A company’s name and logo should be featured on every product they sell. There’s no easier way to do this than to use header cards. Header card printing is made easy with The Printing Press. All you need to do is decide the color, size, finish and peg hole shape and we’ll design a one of a kind header card for your products. You’ll be able to package your products easier than ever while subtly marketing your brand with header cards.

  • Licence Disc Stickers

    From: R506,00

    Our premium license disc stickers, designed to meet all your printing needs. We understand the importance of delivering top-quality products that leave a lasting impression.

    Our license disc stickers are printed using cutting-edge technology, ensuring sharp details, vibrant colours, and precise cutting. Whether it’s for personal or business use, our stickers are available in a matt or gloss finish.
    Our stickers stand strong against the elements, providing long-lasting durability. Your customers will appreciate the reliability and professionalism these stickers bring to their vehicles.

  • Newsletters

    Whether you’re a B2B business or grassroots NGO/NPO, newsletters can help keep everyone from clients to investors informed about what’s going on at your organization. Newsletters are a fun and quirky way to let everyone know about promotions, upcoming events, new products and informative articles. Our hard copy newsletters come in A3, A4 or A5 and can be full color or black and white, as well as matte or gloss. However, if your business primarily communicates via the internet, we offer digital copies as well.

  • Note Pads

    From: R897,00

    Everyone makes lists. Lists are one of the most useful ways to organize our thoughts. Whether you make to-do lists, grocery lists or lists of what needs to be fixed in the house, the truth is that we all use notepads. Using a notepad as a marketing tool is extremely effective because it means that recipients of your notepad will see your organization’s name and brand so often that it will become ingrained in their minds. We can create custom notepads for any purpose. All you need to do is give us the name of your organization, a logo and color scheme and we can work our magic.

  • Post Cards

    From: R345,00

    Postcards are a vastly underused marketing strategy. What better way to inform the public about your business than by delivering the information straight to their mailboxes? The postcard marketing method isn’t as common in South Africa, so be the exception! Create a bold and colorful postcard with an image on one side and information about your business on the other. You could even attract clients who didn’t even know they needed your services until they saw what you offer!

  • Posters

    From: R15,00

    Promoting your business with custom posters can help get your marketing messages across effectively in an eye-catching and memorable way. The right personalised poster design can ensure that no matter where your custom printing is on show, passers-by stop and read what you have to say. If you have your own design already, our poster printing services are quick and easy with next-day delivery available.

  • Presentation Folders

    From: R759,00

    Picture this: You arrive at a business meeting to pitch an idea or meet with clients for the first time. You walk in the doors to the conference room and those in the room aren’t familiar with your company. You queue up the projector, pull your notes out of your presentation folder and begin your speech. It can be nerve wracking having a business meeting when those you’re meeting with aren’t very familiar with your company’s brand. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: presentation folders. Personalize your presentation folders so everyone will know which company you represent the minute you walk in the door. Use your presentation folders to keep notes in at a meeting or to provide potential customers with your information. 

  • Swing Tags

    Are you ready to take your product branding to the next level? Swing Tags! 

    Swing Tags are an essential, fun, and stylish way to add a personal touch to your products. Whether it be clothing, accessories, or home goods, tags complete the look. Our tags can be customised to your exact specifications and requirements. Foiling, Die-cutting and various other finishing options are all available. Call us to discover more should our online solution not cover your requirements.  

    So why are you waiting? Elevate your branding and add some personality to your products! Order now and watch your sales soar. 

  • Trifold Calendars

    From: R529,00

    Printed Full Colour One Side only
    Scored Supplied Made up.

    Download our template
    Ready for Shipping : 3 Working Days (Mon – Fri)

  • Window Decals

    Window decals are extremely helpful multifunctional decorations. Not only can they help liven up your office space, but they’re also highly effective marketing tools. Window decals can help promote your brand without any work on your end. At The Printing Press, we create full color window decals of all shapes and sizes to be displayed on cars, in shops and as business advertisements. Our window decals don’t fade or peel and are extremely durable. Our window decals are made out of vinyl, meaning they are long-lasting and won’t cause any damage to your windows. Don’t settle for boring windows and traditional advertisements- spice things up with some custom window decals.

  • Wire Desktop Calendars

    From: R368,00

    Ready for Shipping : 3 Working Days (Mon – Fri)

  • Wobblers

    From: R736,00

    Eye-catching Wobblers to promote your brand, look no further! Wobblers are an effective marketing tool used to promote your products or services in a crowded retail environment. Our wobblers easily attach to store shelves or displays and wriggle to get attention, creating a subtle but effective motion that catches the eye. 

    Customizable shapes and sizes, wobblers offer endless possibilities for brand promotion. Use them to showcase a new product or promote a sale, or simply draw attention to your brand. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on customers and help you stand out from the crowd.