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  • Greeting Cards

    From: R506,00

    Nowadays, there are so many greeting card companies that we can’t keep track. Walking into a PNA or CNA can feel overwhelming because there are so many cards to choose from. However, despite the variety of cards available, none of them are original. In fact, chances are you’ll wind up getting the same card from a few different people for your birthday or a holiday. And who wants that? We can create completely unique and original greeting cards for any occasion. If you have a certain picture, meme or personalized design that you would like translated onto a card, we can make that happen. Our cards come in black and white or full color and a variety of sizes.

  • Header Cards

    From: R1127,00

    Every retail business needs unique header cards. A company’s name and logo should be featured on every product they sell. There’s no easier way to do this than to use header cards. Header card printing is made easy with The Printing Press. All you need to do is decide the color, size, finish and peg hole shape and we’ll design a one of a kind header card for your products. You’ll be able to package your products easier than ever while subtly marketing your brand with header cards.

  • Paper Bags (Rope Handle)

    From: R6793,00

    Paper bags are used more often than most people realize. They can be used for take aways, as gift bags, to hold supplies and so much more. But it’s 2018 and we’re done with the plain brown paper bags. It’s time to get creative and design completely unique one of a kind paper bags. Whether you own a restaurant or want to find a special gift bag for a friend, we can help you design incredibly unique paper bags for any purpose.

  • Swing Tags

    Are you ready to take your product branding to the next level? Swing Tags! 

    Swing Tags are an essential, fun, and stylish way to add a personal touch to your products. Whether it be clothing, accessories, or home goods, tags complete the look. Our tags can be customised to your exact specifications and requirements. Foiling, Die-cutting and various other finishing options are all available. Call us to discover more should our online solution not cover your requirements.  

    So why are you waiting? Elevate your branding and add some personality to your products! Order now and watch your sales soar. 

  • Tissue Paper

    When people think about decorating gifts, they rarely consider custom tissue paper. They’ll obsess over the perfect bag or gift box, but they usually throw tissue paper in as a last thought. But what if personalized tissue paper was the main attraction? Make your gifts and packages unique by adding unique tissue paper. At The Printing Press, we can help you design tissue paper for any purpose. Whether you’re adding some cushion to a take away box, sending a gift to your box or buying something special for a friend, we can work with you to create tissue paper different from any you’ve ever seen!