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  • Estate Agent Boards

    From: R529,00

    Elevate your property listings to new heights with the ultimate signage solution. This top-of-the-line board is designed to catch eyes, draw attention, and leave a lasting impact on potential buyers.

    Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our estate agent board ensures your branding stays intact, no matter the elements. Installation is a breeze, saving you time and effort while maximizing your property’s exposure.

    Many successful real estate agents already rely on our boards to elevate their marketing game, and now you can too. Don’t miss this chance to seize more leads, increase property visibility, and close deals with ease.

  • Floor Decals

    From: R1219,00

    Who said that wallpaper was the only way to decorate? Floor graphics are growing in popularity as a simple and effective way to both decorate a business and market the brand. Whether your company has a big sale coming up, new products in stock or you just want to add some extra decor, floor graphics can be the answer. Floor graphics are completely customisable and at The Printing Press, we can help you both design and print them in a variety of sizes. Full color floor graphics can make your store stand out amongst the rest. Be unique- decorate with some custom floor graphics.

  • Foam Board Prints

    From: R460,00

    Want a versatile and reliable material for your next printing project? It could be PVC foam board! PVC foam board is durable, lightweight, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it great for a many applications. With high-quality prints achievable on our UV Printer, Foam Boards offer endless possibilities for creating signage, displays, and more. Plus, its affordability and ease of use make it a practical choice for businesses and individuals alike.  

  • Hanging Banners

    From: R414,00

    When you have something important to say, a PVC banner is a great way to ensure that people hear you loud and clear. PVC banners are large vinyl banners that can be posted on fences or buildings to spread the word about a company or event. When placed in high traffic areas, PVC banners can be extremely effective. Let us help you create a banner that is so beautiful and unique that it will turn heads and lead customers right into your shop.

  • Posters

    From: R15,00

    Promoting your business with custom posters can help get your marketing messages across effectively in an eye-catching and memorable way. The right personalised poster design can ensure that no matter where your custom printing is on show, passers-by stop and read what you have to say. If you have your own design already, our poster printing services are quick and easy with next-day delivery available.

  • Roll Up Banners

    From: R874,00R699,20

    A standard Roll Up Banner is 850mm x 2m. Its’ size, portability and ease of use has made this the most popular size with brands and marketers showcasing at events. This size is also ideal for when floor space is at a minimum.  Roll Up Banners make the most of your time and money at trade shows, conferences or in-shop events. They include a preassembled aluminium base, stand, banner and case – everything you need to set up an eye-catching and free-standing display in minutes.

  • Selfie Frames

    From: R690,00R345,00

    Selfie frames are all the rage this year. Whether you’re hosting a party or a corporate event, selfie frames are a fun way to encourage picture taking and possibly even market your brand’s social media. Let us help you design a custom selfie frame that will be decorative and fun to use and practical at the same time. We can feature your brand’s name and logo or social media handles to increase exposure to your brand and make sure that your guests can use the selfie frame for taking pictures.

  • Window Decals

    Window decals are extremely helpful multifunctional decorations. Not only can they help liven up your office space, but they’re also highly effective marketing tools. Window decals can help promote your brand without any work on your end. At The Printing Press, we create full color window decals of all shapes and sizes to be displayed on cars, in shops and as business advertisements. Our window decals don’t fade or peel and are extremely durable. Our window decals are made out of vinyl, meaning they are long-lasting and won’t cause any damage to your windows. Don’t settle for boring windows and traditional advertisements- spice things up with some custom window decals.

  • X Banner

    From: R575,00

    An X banner is quite possibly the best way to say “Look at me, look at what I have!” without actually saying any words at all. X banners can be as large as 1600x600mm, are easy to assemble, easy to transport and effective as marketing tools. Whether you’re advertising a product, brand or event, an X banner is the way to go. At The Printing  Press, we print our X banners with full-color ECO solvent and have a tear and curl resistant guarantee. Let us help you design and print an X banner that can revolutionize your industry.