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  • Appointment Cards

    From: R253,00

    Appointment cards help make your life as a Doctor and your secretary’s life much easier. Instead of making endless phone calls reminding patients of their appointments, you can fill out a pre-printed appointment card instead for your patient to take home with them. Unfortunately, without appointment cards, many of your patients would forget to come to their appointments. We all lead busy lives and without a little reminder now and then, we get lost. At The Printing Press, we can print personalized appointment cards for your practice in a variety of colors and finishes.

  • Medical Pads

    From: R299,00

    Most Doctors use prescription pads on a daily basis. They can be used for everything from writing prescriptions to jotting down notes about a patient’s visit. It’s important to have customized prescription pads to ensure that pharmacists can easily validate a patient’s prescription. We can design custom prescription pads with your practice’s name, logo and your name as the Doctor. This will give your practice a well-put-together and professional look in all you do.

  • Stamps

    From: R391,00

    If you had to hand sign every document you were presented with on a daily basis, your hand would cramp so badly that you’d find it difficult to do your job. While some papers require a signature, others can be “signed” with a signature stamp instead. What a relief it is to break out a personalized stamp and ink pad instead of a pen when presented with a form to sign! You can also use custom stamps for dates, your practice’s address and much more. We can create self-inking stamps in a variety of sizes and colors to cater to your all of your stamping needs.

  • Trifold Calendars

    From: R529,00

    Printed Full Colour One Side only
    Scored Supplied Made up.

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  • Wire Desktop Calendars

    From: R368,00

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