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  • Appointment Cards

    From: R253,00

    Appointment cards help make your life as a Doctor and your secretary’s life much easier. Instead of making endless phone calls reminding patients of their appointments, you can fill out a pre-printed appointment card instead for your patient to take home with them. Unfortunately, without appointment cards, many of your patients would forget to come to their appointments. We all lead busy lives and without a little reminder now and then, we get lost. At The Printing Press, we can print personalized appointment cards for your practice in a variety of colors and finishes.

  • Business Cards

    From: R230,00

    Business cards are a powerful tool for making a lasting, positive impression and can be the foundation for a successful business or customer relationship. They are also an ideal way to reinvigorate your freelance business. Whether you hand them out to customers or include them in packages to encourage repeat business, we have made it easy with our selection of stocks, unique sizes, and stunning finishes. Combine with matt or gloss lamination for something different and creative.

    Lamination unavailable for Recycled 350gsm Paper

  • Greeting Cards

    From: R506,00

    Nowadays, there are so many greeting card companies that we can’t keep track. Walking into a PNA or CNA can feel overwhelming because there are so many cards to choose from. However, despite the variety of cards available, none of them are original. In fact, chances are you’ll wind up getting the same card from a few different people for your birthday or a holiday. And who wants that? We can create completely unique and original greeting cards for any occasion. If you have a certain picture, meme or personalized design that you would like translated onto a card, we can make that happen. Our cards come in black and white or full color and a variety of sizes.

  • Header Cards

    From: R1127,00

    Every retail business needs unique header cards. A company’s name and logo should be featured on every product they sell. There’s no easier way to do this than to use header cards. Header card printing is made easy with The Printing Press. All you need to do is decide the color, size, finish and peg hole shape and we’ll design a one of a kind header card for your products. You’ll be able to package your products easier than ever while subtly marketing your brand with header cards.

  • KeyCard Holders

    From: R1748,00

    When guests check into your hotel, they’ll receive one, if not two, key cards. These key cards are quite possibly the most important thing you give your guests because it provides them with access to the hotel and their rooms. But what happens if these key cards are misplaced? Every hotel has experienced this and can testify that it’s very inconvenient. The best way to avoid this problem is by using key card holders. These tiny envelopes should have your hotel’s logo and information so guests can keep track of their keys and the hotel. We can help to create professional and unique key card holders to help your hotel operations run smoothly.

  • Post Cards

    From: R345,00

    Postcards are a vastly underused marketing strategy. What better way to inform the public about your business than by delivering the information straight to their mailboxes? The postcard marketing method isn’t as common in South Africa, so be the exception! Create a bold and colorful postcard with an image on one side and information about your business on the other. You could even attract clients who didn’t even know they needed your services until they saw what you offer!

  • Welcome Cards

    From: R1035,00

    If you strive for excellent customer service, as all hotels should, then welcome cards should be part of your guest welcome package. It’s important that your guests feel as though they are your priority. There are several ways to make your guests feel valued, one of which is through providing welcome cards in their rooms. Welcome cards typically welcome guests to the hotel and wish them a pleasant stay in a personalized way. While you may not be able to make the cards out to individual guests, you can work with The Printing Press to create custom welcome cards that feature a manager’s signature along with the hotel’s logo.